Painted cellar in Šatov

Beautiful painted cellar, which is decorated with paintings by folk artist Maxmillian Appeltauer. The wine cellar is located in the sandstone slope in Šatov. Although this is known as a cellar wine, wine has never been produced nor stock here. Probably from the very beginning of this cellar should have a successful private wine cellar and a pleasant place to be sitting. Thanks magnificent wine from vineyards in Šatov and surroundings and perfect acoustics, it is pleasant all year round in any weather. As soon as you descend from the tavern directly into the basement, you will find yourself in the environment of dwarf alpine landscapes and mermaids. In the basement are dug lounges, which have different purposes. Each is decorated with plastic fantastic images that drew Maxmillian Appeltauer, who was born in Šatov.  
Appeltauer did not spend his entire art talent, but also his life, since he worked here every day for 36 years and not even or injury from the Second World War, when he lost his hand could stop him. Today, his art and his passion, etched into the sandstone cellar, admiring tourists coming from all over Europe and overseas. Visit the cellar is not only an ideal trip for families with children, but also a pleasant place to sit where you can buy some vintage wines