Bunker MJ - S 3 Šatov

The bunker is located on the south side Šatov and represents a one great strength, which has survived in South Moravia and is open to the public. This fort was completed in 1938, and in September of that fateful year, he had no crew or equipment. Only in 1948 was fully completed, a year after he was armed with cloches. In 1951, the cabin has a part in the 1960 military rearm new anti-tank gun 85 mm model 44/59.

Loucký Klášter - Monastery in Znojmo

Loucký klášter (monastery) is a place of heavenly rest. These ancient monasteries were used as economic and social centers in each region. Without knowing what, we still attract their peculiarities. One of the most important monasteries in Central Europe is a monastery Loucký klášter near Znojmo, which will attract your warm welcome. This monastery was founded in 1190 by Prince Konrad Otto along with his mother Mary.

Painted cellar in Šatov

Beautiful painted cellar, which is decorated with paintings by folk artist Maxmillian Appeltauer. The wine cellar is located in the sandstone slope in Šatov. Although this is known as a cellar wine, wine has never been produced nor stock here. Probably from the very beginning of this cellar should have a successful private wine cellar and a pleasant place to be sitting.

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